To prevent your subscription from auto-renewing, you must cancel before the next bill date on your plan. The bill date for the Artful,is the 3rd of each quarter (every 3 months) and payment is normally taken first thing. If for any reason you forget to cancel, prior to the 3rd of the month. The customer service team are only able to assist customers, who make direct contact via email by 23:59 on the 3rd of the billing month. The team will honour cancelling any future renewals for you. However, we will not automatically issue a refund unless requested in your email.

[email protected]

Unfortunately if contact is made after the 3rd of the billing month, we are unable to cancel the renewal which has been applied to the subscription. This is simply due to the fact the warehouse would have processed your box and it will be ready for dispatch. We can however assist with cancelling your next renewal due. 

If you’ve purchased a gift plan, your box will not auto-renew and your account will automatically expire.